Anonymised operator benchmarking for operational offshore wind farm production, operations and reliability KPIs

Decrease Levelised Cost of Energy and increase production

SPARTA is a Joint Industry Project formed in 2013 that provides performance benchmarking for operational offshore wind farms. We aim to help owners and operators better understand relative performance of their assets.

Empower operators to make quantified decisions

A secure platform to benchmark wind farm production, availability, reliability and operations against key performance indicators agreed by performance experts from all member organisations.

Improve strategic planning and decision making

Use benchmarks to demonstrate performance against comparable assets to investors and shareholders.

See where assets are underperforming, create realistic future targets using baseline metrics and better inform supply chain discussions.

Capacity Factor

To give an example of the benchmarks SPARTA can generate, the Capacity Factor over the last year is shown above. This shows the range of values across the SPARTA portfolio in green, the mean as blue dots and the 25th and 75th percentiles as blue error bars.

These benchmarks, and more, can be obtained for a range of KPIs, see below for the full list.


Relevant, Insightful Data to Inform O&M

Analyse a range of operational, logistical and environmental issues on a monthly basis across more than 100 KPIs.

SPARTA provides insight on the frequency, total downtime and lost production due to different downtime causes and wind farm systems.

Dimensions allow organisations to compare their windfarm against competitors of a similar nature. For example comparing against windfarms with the same turbine type.

Industry standard approach

All metrics and KPIs are aligned with recognised standards such as IEC 61400-26-1/2, RDS-PP Component Taxonomy and IEA Wind Task 33, assuring integrity and portability.

Download the KPIs benchmarked by SPARTA

Anonymous and secure

No other participants can see individual farms' specific KPIs, instead all metrics feed into anonymsied performance benchmarks including averages and percentiles.

Data is hosted on a secure cloud-based environment.

Portfolio reviews

The Portfolio Review is an annual publication that provides high level benchmarks and performance analysis of the reporting population of wind farms.

Portfolio review 2017-18

Portfolio review 2018-19

Portfolio review 2019-20

Portfolio review 2020-21

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